Joe vs. Carole: Strong acting leads, bad looking CGI tigers

(This is a review of the first three episodes)

While it only feels like yesterday, it was two years ago that Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin took over our lives for a couple of weeks with the unbelievable story of “The Tiger King”, and we knew it wouldn’t be long before the war between these two wild personalities would be dramatized for our consumption.

And it is Peacock that now brings us “Joe vs. Carole”, with the first season dropping today.

For what it is, a story with no heroes, it’s more immersive than you would think.

We get John Cameron Mitchell and Kate McKinnon in the title roles, and while I’ve been “McKinnoned out” with Verizon ads, SNL, and her other stuff, it’s really the work of these two leads which gives this show a good start.

What we’re being given is army building between Joe and Carole as they both try to gather forces to take the other out. There is actual strategy in this lunacy and it’s done in a fast moving style that grabs you the same way the crazy documentary did.

If there is anything in this equation that could grab you the wrong way, it’s that the show does give both Joe and Carole some humanizing scenes with a positive sentiment. It didn’t bother me much but it could disturb some.

And what’s really weird is that the tigers look terrible. Out of place. Why would producers skimp on this stuff? The opening rush does kind of wear off the deeper into the season we get.

If you’re a Tiger King viewer, then Joe vs. Carole could capture your attention. But for the casual viewer, the more in-depth we get, the more you might find yourself looking for something to stay interested in.

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