Picard: Our favorite captain can find no peace in season 2 premiere

*Warning! The following contains spoilers for the season 2 premiere of Picard!*

Our favorite Starfleet officer, Jean-Luc Picard has been through a lot. If you watched the first season of “Picard” you know that he’s essentially not even the same person anymore, but mostly a consciousnesses that really just exists to help others. This on top of what you’ve already seen in the shows and the movies.

And the bizarre, but ultimately rewarding odyssey that is the existence of Picard continues on the self named show in the beginning of it’s second season which dropped today.

The show kicks off with the StarGazer coming across a “space anomaly” that puts the ship in duress. Mind you, most of our season one favorites are aboard including Agnes, Rios, and Seven of Nine (in Rio’s old ship). We then see Picard order the destruction of the ship when black tentacles invade the bridge.

We then flashback two days to happier times in Picard’s vineyard where the guy is just relaxing. He has some disturbing flashbacks with his mom and is once again called away to appear at an event for the Starfleet. Its not long before we see him get tied up in this anomaly business and time comes to full circle as the enemy ship exiting the anomaly is confirmed as Borg.

“I don’t know” says Picard in response over what Starfleet should do. Seven of Nine wanted to destroy them but the group was considering a peaceful response (I don’t know which shows they’ve been watching). Finally, Rios decides to engage.

The borg “Queen” (a hooded figure with a female voice) then transports to the bridge and says they require power and starts hacking it’s way into the ships. The crew opens fire but has no effect. The queen then starts taking control of all of the ships.

Finally, Picard gives the order and the ship apparently blows but not before the queen says “Look up.”

Picard wakes up in the room he shared with his mom and readjusting to being home but something feels off. “What is happening here?” Picard shouts.

Q then appears.

“The trial never ends” he says as the show ends.

The teaser looks like Q messed everything up and we’re heading back to 2024. It was a solid premiere. The scene with Guinan was also pleasant highlight. I’m looking forward to next week.

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