Pivoting: A side hustle using your feet

Our favorite trio of friends were back tonight on “Pivoting” with Sarah living on the cheap and sneaking a flask into a bar during the cold open. She was promptly removed by the bouncer.

Anyways, a local mom had an “Only Thrills” page that would be discovered, and she was making $50K a year off of it.

“It’s a website where normal, ugly people can be porn stars” Amy explained.

Sarah then decided she needed to get in on the action by becoming a “foot erotica model”.

Meanwhile, Henry (Amy’s husband) inexplicably couldn’t keep his hands off of her. And she had to find out why. He told her that the more nurturing side of her brought on by more hands-on parenting recently was turning him on.

“I’m not going to get a UTI because of his kink” she declared. Only to find out a short time later that she got turned on by her husband firing people at work.

Jodie continued her affair with her personal trainer in the back of their minivan, while she tried to hide finances from her husband (she’s the nice one btw). So she did the only reasonable thing.

She started her own Only Thrills page. And then her and Sarah started squishing fruit in a bathtub. But Jodie’s feet were ugly and Sarah rejected her. Jodie started crying.

Still with me?

Henry then decided to invite Amy to work to watch him fire someone. “You ruined my life” the employee said on his way out, then the two started making out, but ultimately found some middle ground with their personalities. Good relationship there.

Finally, Jodie and Sarah had a heart to heart about finances and the two had a sweet moment comforting each other. The show is still about friendship at it’s core.

Fun episode! See you next week!

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