Movie Review: The Batman is a solid caped crusader tale, even if it’s too long

We’ve arrived at a new chapter for Batman. New actor. New director. New attitude. It happens every 10 years or so and we’re here again. But lucky for us, it appears that Robert Pattinson is the right guy for the job, as Director Matt Reeves finally gets “The Batman” into theaters after long pandemic delays.

It was worth the wait for the most part.

You know the story. It’s Batman vs. The Riddler this time. And “Twilight Batman” has to unravel the puzzles left behind by his nemesis before he kills every leader in Gotham City. Along the way, he’ll meet Selena Kyle aka Catwoman (this time played by Zoe Kravitz) and you’ve probably heard the story of “The Cat and The Bat” before too.

The Batman does give us some really terrific action we’ve never seen with this hero before, even though you could argue its what they should have been doing all along. This is a close quarters Batman who is tactical yet brutal. We get a modernized detective who is strong but not perfect. Gotham City is gorgeous and so is the Batmobile. This is also my favorite suit of the mythology so far.

The negative is that it’s three hours long. And theaters have buffed the trailers for the feature too, which means you’re in there for about three and half hours. Reeves could have cut some of this stuff, easily making this a sleeker two and a half hour Batstory.

Still, I recommend it, especially if you’re a Batman fan to begin with. We’re moving in an exciting direction here.

The Batman

Grade: B

Rated: PG-13

Running Time: 3 hours

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