The Courtship: A fun twist on a tired dating show formula

The Courtship kicked off tonight on NBC and viewers got to see a reality dating show with a twist, as the show takes place in a Jane Austen era environment in England.

We first meet 26 year old, Nicole Remy, a software engineer, who has come on the show to meet her special someone. And in her “courtship” she’ll get to date 16 guys going through the entire 19th century process. We’re talking about the outfits, the parties, and even the customs like bowing and dancing.

One difference here is that the lady also gets a court, just like back in the old days. This means Nicole is accompanied by her parents, her sister, and her best friend, who will help guide her through the entire process.

We meet the narrator, Mr. Edwards (and all of the guys are also addressed by their last names) as he brings in the guys for the first party (mixer) of the season. After the initial round of “hellos” we get our first group date, where the guys have been selected by the court.

There were some fireworks both literally and romantically, but before we knew it, it was time for the last dance (or elimination round). There were 6 up for this round of cuts with 3 going home. And they actually had to dance while making their case for staying on the show.

Ultimately, Nicole made her cuts and our first episode of The Courtship was in the books.

This is a fun spin on a tired dating show formula, and I think that’s what showrunners were going for. Nicole is also a very likeable protagonist. Very easy to root for.

Also the budget for this show looks impressive. And why not? Cracking that “Bachelor” demo can be rewarding if they can open that lock. They’re off to a good start.

I’ll be sticking with this show, and I think it’s worth a look. If you can’t watch it live, it should be available on streaming after first airing.

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