American Auto: Season 1 finale ends optimistically, as we wait to learn show’s future

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American Auto was back tonight,and Katherine and the gang from Payne Motors had to go on a charm offensive with the media to try and right the PR ship which has been on choppy waters recently.

This was also our season one finale. We haven’t heard if the show has been cancelled or renewed yet.

A news magazine was doing the rounds at corporate, interviewing different employees and trying to figure out exactly what everybody does.

It didn’t go well.

Sadie and Jack had their romantic business put out there in front of everybody during a panel interview that went horribly wrong.

And an interviewer threw Katherine a softball “What do you love about cars?” he asked.

She had nothing good.

“The Ghostbusters are all women. And they deserve to be.” and later added “Cars are amazing, and they go! Nrrrrrrrllllll” (yes that was a sound effect).

In an attempt to make things right, Katherine decided to take the news team for a ride on the test track.

Except she wasn’t exactly sure she knew how to drive.

But she feigned excitement and things looked promising. But the reporter caught her with a potential scandal that blindsided everyone.

The show ended with us seeing Katherine showing us her leadership ability and motivating the team ahead.

It was a soft cliffhanger on what could be the show’s season finale. Or it could be the end of “American Auto” altogether. We haven’t heard.

NBC didn’t give the show the best opportunity to succeed by premiering it right before the Winter Olympics.

But I’ve enjoyed it. Let’s hope we see it again.

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