Grand Crew: Was this funny art show finale the end of the road?

The season one finale of Grand Crew aired tonight. And while the program has been funny all season, we don’t know if it will be renewed or cancelled yet.

Nikki decided to put Noah’s girlfriend Simone to the test and got called out on it. Ultimately, they decided to prank Noah after the lack of trust. Things were going well, but Simone’s visa expired and she revealed she had to leave the country.

Wyatt had Sherm pose for some art show photos for him. You could probably figure out how that went. Sherm tried to inspire him by comparing him to “Stephen Curr-ray”. And the tough love actually worked in the end. He went with a showcase of photos of his friends. It was sweet.

Faye had to teach Anthony how to dance, because all Anthony knew how to do was dance “freaky” including to “All You Wanted” by Michelle Branch (which I’ll never unsee). But it was Luther Vandoross “Here and Now” that had us ready for the long awaited romantic moment. But that didn’t happen then either.

Instead, Anthony saw Faye’s affection in one of Wyatt’s photos. But he was with Talia.

And when we thought the show was over, Simone proposed to Noah ending the show on a cliffhanger.

That’s how it ends. For now. Maybe forever.

Grand Crew never really got a fair shake. It premiered opposite of the Winter Olympics, and then had the State of the Union breathing on it’s back last week.

It was a funny show. If this is the end, let’s hope we see this talented group again in other projects.

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