The Bachelor: Clayton gaslighting incident ruins repair job with fans

It’s shocking to write you that the worst villain on Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor wasn’t someone like Cassidy or Sarah. Or even GOAT bad guy, Shanae.

And it’s also disappointing that it’s Clayton himself who is the real bad guy.

We saw that on Tuesday, during the last 20 minutes, after Clayton had been intimate in dates with Rachel and Gabby, and then told Susie, who had been struggling the entire episode, that she was to blame for her lack of commitment leading to Clayton being unable to be happy.

It was gross. It was mean. It made viewers angry.

Now, let’s take a step back here. This is a coordinated show. There are people in charge of all of this.

And I wonder why they would want their protagonist to behave this way?

Especially, after the last season of “The Bachelor” gave us Matt James, and a whole controversy regarding race that ruined the experience for a lot of Bachelor fans.

So much that we got two straight seasons of the Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise. We were supposed to forget about the problems.

Unless, show runners want us to be this way. The only thing that matters are the ratings. And they also know that another “busted” finish, with unhappy fans, could lead to more eyeballs when it’s all over. A lot of these things are done on purpose. They could win in all of this.

The busted finish. The flawed Bachelor. This could be the new normal.

What do you think of that?

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  1. What a douche bag .I think Clayton was just hoping to have sex with all the 3 in the bachelor suites. I was a fan of Clayton’s the whole season until the way he treated Susie. He acted like a lusting teen who then wanted to blame Susie and not validate her feelings. I’m so glad Susie did not give into his lust not love. What a beautiful woman you are Suzie and you deserve to find your love that resists all others.

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