The Bachelor: Fans turn on Clayton after he behaves like a hustling brat

We crawled closer to the end of this season of The Bachelor, with Clayton Echard taking the final three ladies on dates, and at one point confessing that he loved all of them.

His first two dates with Rachel and Gabby ended with hook-ups, but then Susie called him out on his hustling behavior and he reacted poorly.

Honestly, he was acting a like spoiled brat and tried blaming everything on Susie, making himself look like the victim.

When it didn’t work, he sent Susie home.

And Bachelornation was right there waiting to hold him accountable.

Let’s go to the tweets.

This is a terrible look for Clayton before the finale.

Honestly, how does he end up with anyone at this point?

And FTR ran a flash poll on Twitter and fans were clear that he was ruining his own season.

What do you think? Does Clayton’s behavior ruin the season for you?

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