Joe Millionaire: Finale rips off a painful band-aid but also delivers a satisfying celebration

Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer, ended it’s season tonight with a finale that would finally determine which of the ladies would end up with Steven (the millionaire) or Kurt (the non millionaire). Our final four of Carolyn and Amanda who were there for Kurt, and Annie and Calah for Steven were briefed on their final dates and were all ready to go.

Steven and Annie were first up for a paddleboarding date and things were going well. Annie stated that a good relationship was more important than money and the two appeared on the “same page”.

Kurt and Carolyn, who have seemed destined to be together since the beginning, were up for a tennis date and things also started well for them. Carolyn said she could picture him in her and her son’s life, which was a first. She also told Kurt that she loved him.

We had a cooking date with Steven and Calah, and while neither of the two weren’t exactly professional chefs, they were having fun. When they opened up, Calah said character was more important than money but she still hesitated to fully open up to Steven, and that caused him to worry.

Finally, Amanda met up with Kurt for their date and they were making pizza. Things were off to a good start with them as well. Amanda said she’s fallen for Kurt and could see herself being “Ms. Sowers”.

The next morning the two guys shared their thoughts on the final four. And then it was time for dresses, tuxedos, and the big decisions. And after a kind moment with Martin, it was time.

Annie said she was falling for Steven and could see a commuting relationship.

Amanda compared her relationship with Kurt to an avocado (in a sweet way).

Calah told Steven that she felt both safe and vulnerable with him.

Carolyn told Kurt she captured his heart.

And in the end..

Kurt broke up with Carolyn, She only asked “Can I go now”. And it was over. Not another word said. It was unpleasant, but it could have been much, much, worse. She was very upset.

Steven broke up with Annie. And she was a little more kind. But there was also little said.

Then we had some happy times.

Kurt committed to Amanda. But she looked a little confused (for dramatic effect) when she was told Kurt was not the millionaire. Nevertheless, she still chose to stay with him. She was terrific all season. I’m happy she found some happiness.

And Steven committed to Calah. After Steven told her she had money it was all smiles.

The four came together and celebrated, and we had a happy ending.

That’s a wrap on Joe Millionaire. What did you think?

It was a good time. If they decide to run with another season, there is a lot of potential for growth here.

Until next time!

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