Pivoting: Season (and possibly) series finale gives us a party with Coleen’s ashes

The season (and maybe series) finale of Pivoting dropped tonight and Amy, Jodie, and Sarah decided to take Coleen’s ashes out for her birthday celebration. The death of their beloved fourth friend has been the cement of the show to this point.

Jodie lied to her husband to go root for the personal trainer she’s having an affair with at a competition. And she inspired him to do well. The two then had a romantic skate date afterwards. But her husband would confront her and the two would have to tackle their marital issues with no easy solutions.

Amy, who had Coleen’s ashes, lost track of them, as well as her kids and the car, while making a coffee run. After crawling underneath traffic, she made it back without incident and (finally) decided she loved her kids.

Sarah, the former doctor, had to save someone’s life at the grocery store and had to reflect on her recent life choices, including Coleen, who she couldn’t save. Anyways, she got drunk and made out with her widower, Brian. The two decided to keep it a secret but Brian told Henry (Amy’s Husband) and they would finally be joined by Jodie’s husband for a night of drinking.

The girls finally made it out and partied with the box of ashes consisting of their friend. And had a terrific time.

The recurring theme was how important their dead friend was to each of them. This show is about friendship at the end of the day.

Our show ended with our friends talking about life, and they lost Coleen, the actual box of ashes. And that was it.

Pivoting was great. But we have to be real. We don’t know what’s going to happen to it. If you like the show, make some noise. It needs your support.

But I will say that these three went up against Olivia Benson from SVU and Meredith freaking Grey, who had a 17 to 20 year head start on them in the ratings.

Ginnifer Goodwin, Eliza Coupe, and Maggie Q are all rockstars. Good luck to them.

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