The Dropout: “Do you ever feel like a plastic bag drifting through the wind?”

The Dropout on Hulu was back today for it’s second week and fourth episode, and we got to see Theranos hit high gear pitching wellness centers in Walgreens to doctors, including Dr. Jay (played by the legendary Alan Ruck) who was high on the deal after meeting Elizabeth.

But when everyone showed up to see the lab, which we know is a mess, people started asking questions and Elizabeth had to MSU again. This spooked everybody in their operation and had them convinced that they were stalling. But Walgreens needed money too because of the recession, and Elizabeth exploited that into getting them back on her side.

And then on the homefront at Theranos, Ian started asking questions about the blood testing machine being ready for stores, but Channing didn’t care. “What’s the problem” he asked.

Then Elizabeth found out and fired him, in a particularly cold scene, that gave us our first look at Elizabeth Holmes prime. She had him escorted out by security. Just spectacular acting.

The firing of Ian led to a revolt in the lab with others threatening to quit as well. He would be invited back into the Theranos operation and greeted with a standing ovation from his colleagues. But they stuck him behind a desk away from the lab from where he could stir up anymore trouble.

But we weren’t done with Elizabeth’s antics yet. She invited Safeway in to compete with Walgreens and made the execs from the latter sit on bouncy balls during the interview.

“We need synergy. And we’re not feeling synergy here.” she said sending Walgreens away.

And then we found out that she was going after CVS after rejecting Safeway (Maybe. She could have been lying about that too).

In the end Doctor Jay put his own credibility on the line to vouch for Elizabeth and Walgreens was onboard.

The episode ended with Elizabeth parlaying that momentum with George Schultz (played by Sam Waterston) to bring him on board to push FDA approval.

“I’ve never met anyone like you Ms. Holmes” he said.

Boy, he got that one right.

Just a great show. One of my favorites on TV right now. Credit to whoever put together the Katy Perry and KT Tunstall soundtrack on Doctor Jay’s character.

I’ll see you next week!

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