Masked Singer: “Train Wreck” presentation hints at staged Giuliani walk out

During the premiere of the Masked Singer this week, we had one celebrity lose their dog mask after their first number, and we had a firefly almost pass out on stage. Yeah, it was pretty crazy, but I’ll be damned if it also wasn’t intriguing dumpster fire television. We were all glued to the TV.

Now, this is the Masked Singer. These episodes are heavily coordinated down to the last detail. And the formula is flawed, sometimes you just can’t hide a voice. Look at Nick Lachey, who had viewers pegging him as our Piglet champion from the first few lines of his premiere on stage.

Show runners need to keep things exciting. If they don’t, we change the channel. And I don’t think this is the end.

Which is why the highly anticipated Rudy Giuliani reveal will most likely look and feel fake. It’s probably being staged.

Now, I don’t doubt the emotions at play. The former Mayor of New York and attorney to former President Donald Trump has a lot of enemies, and yeah, I think the judges would walk out on him.

They certainly wouldn’t want to be seen applauding him and celebrating his performances like they do all of the other reveals (even though everybody was cool with Sarah Palin singing “Baby Got Back”).

We’ve also gotten to see the teasers, and they don’t stop rolling the cameras. This is going to be a “wall breaking moment” that will be highly produced to be made as entertaining as possible.

So will it be staged? Some of it. Will it be authentic or fake? Probably somewhere in between.

But we will be watching nonetheless. People really like this show.

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