The Bachelor finale: Social media hated the ending to Clayton’s season (Spoilers)

Warning: The following contains spoilers regarding the live finale of The Bachelor.

Now that the train wreck that was Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor is over, it’s time to see what one of the most social media active audiences in the world had to say about it.

It ain’t good.

In a Twitter flash poll conducted by FTR, fans rejected Susie running back to Clayton in the final minutes of the two night, four hour affair, with over 85% saying they disliked the conclusion.

In a separate poll taken earlier on Tuesday, fans were clear that they wanted Clayton to be rejected by all three women, after he was mean to Susie, after being intimate with Rachel and Gabby, only to go back to Susie in the end, and break up with Gabby and Rachel anyways.

So needless to say, when Susie came out and accepted Clayton anyways, fans were very unhappy…

All of this and fans think Clayton was the worst Bachelor ever (story HERE). So, not a lot of positivity here.

What did you think of the finale? Are you happy Clayton and Susie got together?

Gabby and Rachel are going to be the next Bachelorettes? What did you think of that decision.

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