ESPN MNF: Many fans are saying they’re going to watch Peyton and Eli instead of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman

It’s official. ESPN has named Joe Buck and Troy Aikman as the new voices for their Monday Night Football broadcast. The duo was the lead team over at FOX for years, and has called multiple Super Bowls together.

But their biggest competition to success will be just on the very next channel. They’ll even be employed by the same company.

I’m talking about Peyton and Eli Manning, who are the hosts of The Manningcast, which runs on ESPN 2 on certain weeks. It features the two likeable brothers going back and forth, and also bringing on celebrity guests such as LeBron James, Dwayne Johnson, and even their old rival Tom Brady.

Many fans online are saying they’re going to be watching the Manningcast instead of the new duo on MNF. So much that it was trending at one point..

In Buck and Aikman’s defense, this is less about them and more about the appeal of the Manning Brothers. The two get to do something different after days of regular broadcasting and the celebrity appearances are huge. But they’re also not on every week, and those games are still going to be watched.

Who are you going to watch? How many games of Monday Night Football did you watch last year? Are you fans of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman?

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