Orlando Magic get national TV spotlight…for letting Kyrie Irving drop 60 points on them

Oh, our Orlando Magic. A culture of losing and complacency that refuses to get better, and rewards bad performance. The team traded away its nucleus last year and we stand in the middle of what has seemed like a perpetual rebuild.

So, when we make national television it’s a big deal. Sadly, it’s also for the wrong reasons.

And exhibit A was last night, with severe weather swirling through Central Florida, Kyrie Irving, the controversial superstar of the Brooklyn Nets dropped 60 points on us.

Keep in mind that Kyrie is a part time player. Due to COVID regulations in the New York area, he is not allowed to play home games.

You wouldn’t know it by the way he was balling last night. He was spectacular.

Irving scored 41 points in the first half and he looked like he could have scored more than 60 if he wanted to. There was no resistance.

And mind the final score, 150-108. A 42 point blowout. Par for the course for that front office at the Amway Center.

But it was good media placement for the Magic organization. They were at the top of every broadcast, every sports website, they were trending at the top of Twitter for most of the evening.

For getting lit up by Kyrie.

The Magic are currently the second worst team in the league. Jonathan Issac is not coming back this year. It seems like we’re writing these things over and over.

But performances like last night, are a reminder to the rest of the country of how insignificant this basketball operation in Orlando is.

I can’t wait to see how we reward them with our tax dollars this off season. What else can we build for them?

Because we reward this organization at every turn for losing.

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