The Masked Singer: Eliminated celebrity is also leaving FOX for another gig

The Masked Singer returned tonight with it’s second episode of it’s “Good, Bad, and Cuddly” season, and the bar for excitement was set high after last week’s train wreck episode. Eric Stonestreet was our guest host. His show Domino Masters follows the Masked Singer.

First up, was the Firefly, who almost suffocated last week in her costume. She gave us a terrific performance of PYT. Some guesses included Keyshia Cole, but many fans believe its Teyana Taylor.

Next was the Cyclops, now, many people think this is Rudy Giuliani. As you may have heard by now, Giuliani’s unmasking caused some of the judges to walk out on the show when it was taped. Jenny McCarthy believed it could be Rob Thomas from Matchbox 20. Ken Jeung thought it might be Chris Pratt.

It was the imposing Ram on stage next singing some Foo Fighters, and Stonestreet believed he knew him. He revealed he was an Emmy Winner. Jeung thought it was Jason Sudeikis. Jenny thought it was Jason Biggs.

Thingamabob took the mic next and gave us a soulful version of “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran that was just plain inspiring. Great stuff. Dude had Ken Jeung crying, it was so good. Jenny thought it was The Rock.

Our dual consisted of Ram and Firefly.

But then the Firefly bailed. They talked her into coming back a short time later and the dual was on. “Country Roads” by John Denver was the Ram’s song. Firefly went with “God is a Woman” by Ariana Grande.

Fans ultimately eliminated The Ram.

And when unmasked he was revealed to be sportcaster, Joe Buck, which was guessed by Stonestreet.

Interesting enough, Joe Buck was eliminated the same day ESPN announced he was taking over Monday Night Football, which will end his time with FOX after multiple Super Bowl calls.

The show was traditional. We didn’t have health emergencies and costume malfunctions and that’s fine, it was a good hour of TV. I’ll see you next week.

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