Young Rock: Season 2 premiere doesn’t give us an election winner

Young Rock, the biographical NBC sitcom starring Dwayne Johnson, chronicling his rise to becoming one of the biggest movie stars in the world, ended on something of a cliffhanger last year.

You see, the main angle in Young Rock is Dwayne Johnson running for President in 2032, and we thought he was going to an election night party. As the premiere reveals to us in the first minute, he was not, and Randall Park (played by the excellent Randall Park lol) is still in the middle of his interview series in the final days of the election.

So, we don’t know who won the election because it hasn’t happened yet.

But the premiere, much like the rest of the series, was pleasant and charming, with a focus on fatherhood and life changes, as the family moved around for Rocky’s wrestling career. And Dwayne’s move north of the border to play Canadian football.

And we met Doug Flutie. If you’re familiar with Johnson’s story, Flutie wasn’t very nice to him. Dewey got busted down to the practice squad and was making almost nothing.

The cast is wonderful, but Park and Johnson still own every scene they’re in. The teasers show us that we might get to see Dewey jump in the wrestling ring with his dad. I think that’s what a lot of fans were also waiting for.

As for the election? I don’t know. I could see Johnson allowing himself to lose it. It would be an endearing way to end the show if that’s what they decided to do.

Some other neat notes: We also got to see wrestling great, Tony Atlas, and former NFL QB Jeff Garcia.

Anyways, see you next week!

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