Movie Review: Cheaper By The Dozen reboot is an easy family afternoon watch

Back in the 2000s, Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt lead the family comedy, Cheaper By The Dozen, which was surprisingly charming, and even wrestled out a sequel. The fast moving story of a family of 12 named Baker was better than it had any business being.

Now, because everything is getting rebooted whether we want it or not, we’ve got another Cheaper By The Dozen.

This time its Zach Braff and Gabrielle Union playing Paul and Zoe Baker, who have brought together a modern family through their marriage, first marriages, and adoptions. They happily run a breakfast restaurant together, but when expansion and money comes into play, their bonds are tested.

Just like Martin and Hunt back then, Braff, Union, and the rest of this family is almost impossible to dislike now. Really, their casting is the perfect bridge between generations. The story is streamlined, with just the right amount of family antics and story progression to keep us entertained without overstaying it’s welcome.

There is also a lot of cheese here though. But there is an excellent chance you probably already knew what you were signing up for. You also won’t find any suspense, action, or seriously big laughs here. You could also probably tell me how this movie is going to end with what you’ve read here.

Really, there shouldn’t even be any surprises within this review. Just like the first Cheaper By The Dozen film, this is really just a time spender, and if you find yourself entertained then it’s a bonus.

If you liked the originals, you’ll like this one.

Cheaper By The Dozen (2022)


Running Time:1 hour 48 minutes

Rated: PG

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