The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey: “Finding the Future”

The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey returned this week, and the story development we were waiting for finally started moving forward. That is of course, our poor title character beginning to regain his memories and take charge of his life.

After a vivid dream of his youth regarding the one we know as Coydog, he woke up, got shaved, put on a suit, and went to see the doctor. While he was feeling great, the Dr. Rubin or “Satan” advised him that this was just a trial and not a cure, and there would eventually be some “cognitive deterioration”. Robyn wanted to leave and endure the withdraw symptoms. But Ptolemy ultimately decided to stay, signed over his body to the doctor and took another injection.

Later, Ms. Wring from the bank came back and of course the two hit it off. Robyn met one of Reggie’s friend, Billy, at the store who didn’t know Reggie got shot and the two also started hanging out together.

Meanwhile, the family started scheming against Ptolemy because they wanted his government checks. This is where we believe our opposition will come from. Sadly, there are a lot of families out there that think the same way.

But back to the point, the episode was called “Sensia”, who was the love of Ptolemy’s life. We were then transported back to 1976 Atlanta where he met her in the park. The two fell for each other instantly but there we the jealous boyfriend, Ezra. When Ezra invaded Ptolemy’s apartment and got violent, Sensia shot that dude twice. And when was going to finish him off, Ptolemy stopped her. His vision faded and but not before she told him he needed to “dig up his treasure and get to work”

Ptolemy woke up, got Robin, and the episode ended with the two pulling up floorboards to find whatever they were looking for.

Good episode. We’re here for Samuel L. Jackson, and watching him get this confident swagger back is great. Also Cynthia Kaye McWilliams as Sensia was really good here. It took these two to really activate that angle of this interesting story.

I’ll see you next week.

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