Movie Review: “Deep Water” is an underwhelming and nonsensical affair

Ben Affleck has already made one of the greatest spouse vs. spouse thrillers ever made. That’s “Gone Girl”. Which is why I was curious enough to see what he was doing making another marital thriller with “Deep Water” which drops on Hulu this weekend.

Affleck plays Vic. Vic is married to Melinda, played by Ana de Armas (Knives Out).

Vic and Melinda get aroused watching each other with other people. And occasionally, things get out of hand and someone dies.

And that’s Deep Water.

Seriously, this is a two hour game. Director, Adrian Lyne does have a good eye. This is a sharp looking film.

But the story based on a Patricia Highsmith novel, is pretty hard to take seriously sometimes.

Affleck is on auto pilot here. While he’s given us some great performances recently with “The Tender Bar” and “The Way Back” he’s collecting a paycheck here. Nothing more.

Armas is the opposite. Taking a role that has nothing new to offer her and desperately trying to flesh it out to something with a payoff.

And then you have Lil’ Rey Howry, who looks like he got lost on the way to Free Guy 2. He’s the out of place comic relief here that really makes no sense whatsoever.

But “Deep Water” isn’t terrible all the time. This could have been something, but we lost a spark along the way. The game that Vic and Melinda just isn’t very exciting, and when that is the goal of the movie, and the formula (including the conclusion) makes no sense, then viewers will have a problem watching the film.

Take these two hours and watch Gone Girl instead.

Deep Water

Grade: C-

Rated: R

Running Time: 1 hour 55 Minutes

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