Atlanta: The Fable of Larry and Turn Down Service at 5pm

Welcome back, Atlanta. There has truly never been anything like it on television. It’s one of the rare unique experiences out there.

Season 3 premiered and our first story of the two episode premiere was a fable reminding us to respect our parents.

Laquarius decided to act up in school. While his parents were tough on him, they were trying to teach him some important lessons in the process. And when child services came knocking, they actually gave Laquarius to them. And they sent him to live with two women who were using all of their adopted kids for labor in their garden and feeding them microwaved chicken. “Larry” which was his new name tried to ask a cop for help but he looked at his moms and couldn’t believe him.

“You know who he looks like in that hat? Aloe Blacc!” said the officer.

Anyways, the parents finally decided that everyone was struggling too much and that mass family suicide was needed. Larry was able to get his foster siblings out of the vehicle before they all went over a cliff. He then went back to his real home, where he was forgiven.

And that was actually all a dream Ernie was having as we caught up with everybody in Amsterdam. Trippy. Right?

The group was trying to regroup, but Paper Boi landed in a luxury prison with a menu and turndown service. Darius was picking up Vanessa from the airport and ended up at Tupac’s life celebration, and Ernie waking up from that crazy dream had to pick up Paper Boi, who was given a hero’s welcome after getting out of.

And wouldn’t you know it, the Dutch killed Tupac.

Things would only get worse when Alfred wouldn’t perform for a Dutch audience in black face during a holiday celebration. Ernie then stumbled back to his hotel and collapsed in his bed.

But not before Alfred told him he needed 300 pieces of fried chicken.

This was just awesome TV. It’s so good to have Atlanta back.

Did you watch the show? What did you think?

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