Triple H tells Stephen A. Smith “I’m Done” ending one of the greatest wrestling careers of all time

Real fast. Triple H. Hunter Hearst Helmsley. Paul Levesque. Is probably my favorite wrestler of all time. Back in the attitude era, when others were pulling for Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, or The Undertaker, I was a HHH guy. He was always a wrestler first and I respected that so much.

Which is why it was a big deal when he told Stephen A. Smith on his show, Stephen A’s World, that he’s done with wrestling.

The legend describes his medical problem, and specifically the event which was life threatening, breaking up a little bit when talking about his young girls, in doing so.

When Stephen A. asked him about competing in the ring. He’s says “I’m Done”.

Normally, when a wrestler says that, you always open the door to a potential return. But there is some finality here that can’t be overstated.

I remember first watching this tremendous athlete back in the mid 90s, the arrogant Connecticut gentleman. Then we saw his growth into the leader of Degeneration X. Then one of the greatest returns from injury at Madison Square Garden. Then Evolution.

My favorite will always be Wrestlmania 2000, the main event with a McMahon in every corner, where he shocked the world in winning that match.

He was great behind the scenes as well. NXT was the best show under the WWE flag under his watch. And then there was the pandemic episode of Smackdown, where he basically ran the episode by himself.

Bless this tremendous athlete and his family for entertaining the world for almost 30 years. Cheers.

You can watch his interview with Stephen A. Smith below..

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