“Death On The Nile” hits streamers after a theatrical run full of cast baggage

Oh, “Death On Nile”. Not since “All Of The Money in The World” has a film had to deal with the baggage brought along by the real life alleged activities of a cast member.

“Money” would reshoot their film. Replacing Kevin Spacey with Christopher Plummer. And his efforts would get him an Oscar nomination.

“Nile” starring Armie Hammer and his alleged acts of sexual abuse, would stay the course and would release after cutting him out of the marketing. It would ultimately under perform.

And here we are a couple of months later with the film hitting streamers. The second Agatha Christie franchise film which stars Gal Gadot, Hammer, and Kenneth Branagh as super detective Hercule Poirot, in exactly the murder-mystery plot you would remember it having.

While it’s not a bad film, it’s one you’ll forget not long after watching it.

Despite Gadot, and her status taking top billing, the decisions of the story don’t really use her as much as it should, which means we end up spending a lot more time with Poirot and other characters played by Annette Benning and Letitia Wright. This is not a Wonder Woman movie.

It is a very well shot film. Branagh, who also took the director’s chair for this one, gives us a good looking movie that is shot with almost a romance for old school Hollywood. The mystery itself is plenty adequate and doesn’t let us get too bored.

In the end, Death On The Nile may not have been worth a $17 movie ticket. But it’s certainly worth a one month streaming fee. I’d recommend it in that regard.

Death On The Nile


Running Time: 2 hours 7 minutes

Rated: PG 13

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