Chris Rock trivia (10 Questions as of 3/30/22)

The world was buzzing over Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Academy Awards on Sunday night, in what was being described as the most insane Oscars moment ever.

What better time to do some Chris Rock trivia?

Let’s get started..


1. Chris Rock played a drug addict named “Pookie” in this early 90s street crime classic which also starred Ice T and Wesley Snipes.

2. True or False. Chris Rock himself has hosted the Academy Awards.

3. In film “Madagascar” Chris Rock voiced an animal named Marty. What kind of animal was he?

4. Chris Rock voiced a little version of this basketball player in Nike commercials back in the 90s.

5. Rock co starred in the Longest Yard with Adam Sandler. What sport was featured in that film which took place in a prison?

6. True or False. Chris Rock is a member of the Original Kings of Comedy.

7. One of Chris Rock’s most popular comedy tracks was call “There is no sex in the ________”.

8. Chris Rock is a former cast member of this long running skit comedy show.

9. Recently, Rock starred in “Jigsaw”. Which is a soft reboot of this gory film franchise.

10. From this following list of films. Which one did not star Chris Rock. A)Lethal Weapon B) Money Talks C) Dogma D) Top Five


1) Rock starred as “Pookie” in New Jack City, in a very explosive role.

2) True. Rock hosted the awards in 2005 and 2016.

3) Marty was a Zebra.

4) Rock voiced “Lil Penny” a puppet version of Anfernee Hardaway. Who played for the Orlando Magic at the time.

5) Football was the sport featured in the “Longest Yard”

6) Rock is NOT a member of the Original Kings of Comedy, which included Bernie Mac, Steve Harvey, Cedric The Entertainer, and DL Hughley.

7) The name of the track is “There is no sex in the Champagne Room” and the lyrics continued “Oh. There is champagne in the champagne room. But you want sex.”

8) Chris Rock was of course a former cast member of Saturday Night Live.

9) “Jigsaw” was a soft reboot of the SAW movie franchise.

10) Chris Rock did not star in “Money Talks”. That was Chris Tucker.

Thanks for playing.

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