Young Rock: School yard fights, Mr. Fuji and Pat Patterson

Another episode of Young Rock has arrived, and while last week was kind of a breather episode, we got a lot of the actual Dwayne Johnson this time, as he confronted accusations from someone from his past that said he tried to kill him.

And that was “Rudy” himself, Sean Astin. Yeah. A neat guest star here.

But this was a youngest “Dewey” episode, which are some of my favorites. A lot of golden age WWF stars here. Including Mr. Fuji, who of course was throwing the salt. Why? Because that’s what he does.

We also got a very sweet nod to Pat Patterson. If you’re not a big wrestling person, Patterson was an innovator and the creator of “The Royal Rumble” a favorite of many wrestling fans.

The problem was that the middle school version of “Samwise” kept dissing Dewey, saying he wasn’t really the son of Rocky, who was tag champions with Tony Atlas during this episode. Anyways, Dewey finally decided to stand up to him, which has lead to this lifelong feud.

When we were about to get some closure, NBC cut away before we could get an answer to grown up Dwayne’s text.

There was a lot going on in this show, including some insight into how deep the business runs within Johnson’s family as the responsibilities had to be shared while his grandma was on house arrest.

So, we continue our jog towards the election. This second season has been pretty strong so far. See you next week!

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