Madcap Moss won the ATGBR, now let’s get rid of his whack gimmick

Worth reiterating before we begin. This isn’t about Madcap Moss or Happy Corbin, the men. I’m sure they’re both cool.

But they have the worst gimmick in wrestling. It’s awful. It’s the poorest excuse for anything approaching the top of a WWE card in sometime. And it has no business getting as much Wrestlemania attention as it should.

However, Madcap Moss won the Andre The Giant Battle Royal last night. Good for him. It could be the spring board that it should have been Baron Corbin, the Lone Wolf, the best version of him that we’ve seen before they started changing his gimmick every six months.

They should use Wrestlemania to reboot both of them. Especially Madcap Moss, because he has good energy. If put in the right situation, the fans will get behind him.

But you’re not going to win over a 2022 crowd, with a 1962 character. And that’s what we have with Madcap Moss. A goofy, bum, who makes really bad jokes that no one laughs at. This isn’t his fault. It’s the fault of the WWE, who has wrecked I don’t know how many other talents doing this junk.

But Moss can “go”. He can wrestle. And as long as you can do that, you’ve got some hope. Ditch the suspenders and get this guy an angle where he can start winning matches and make some moves that are worthy of that Andre The Giant Battle Royal victory, which was supposed to mean something back in the day, and is now just another Smackdown match.

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