Abbott Elementary: Discretionary funding

The wonderful Abbott Elementary was back tonight, and the best new comedy on TV dealt with the developing storyline involving the possible firing of Principal Ava.

And Ava, who is fighting for her professional life after she lost her leverage on the superintendent, had to give a presentation to preserve the school’s discretionary funding, for programs such as music (we got a terrific cold open with the kids on recorders and Barb citing Blackstreet Boyz 2 Men).

Greg and Janine were going to give the presentation with Ava, but superintendent Collins forced her to pitch her plan alone.

It didn’t go well. At first.

But in what has been an Emmy worthy season for Janelle James on the comedy side, she gave quite the crowd pleasing speech which tapped into some drama this time around.

“Don’t give us the money because we need it. Give it to us because Abbott Elementary deserves it.” she declared. The show has centered around the cash strapped public school system all season.

It was just really good stuff.

The show ended with Gregory being hired by Principal Ava to be a full time teacher at Abbott Elementary. It looks like Ava could be safe, but superintendent Collins still teased Gregory getting a principal job somewhere.

Next week is the season finale of Abbott Elementary and it feels like it just got here. I’ll be sad to see it go. Luckily we know it’s already been renewed for season 2.

But it’s going to be a long summer. Let’s get excited for this finale.

See you next week!

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