My “Thank You” note for the Orange County Commission after taking the first step to fight rent crisis


Mayor Jerry Demings
Commissioner Nicole Wilson
Commissioner Christine Moore
Commissioner Mayra Uribe
Commissioner Maribel Gomez-Cordero
Commissioner Emily Bonilla
Commissioner Victoria Siplin

This correspondence is a “Thank You” for taking the first step in an initiative that could go a long way in solving the rent crisis here in Orange County.

We all understand that these matters are very complicated, and trying to construct such a measure in a short amount of time is not easy.

But please know this. This will help hundreds of families in Orange County.

It’s not an exaggeration to say this kind of action can change the futures of families that are currently calling their car or a hotel room their home, after being exploited for every last penny they have.

Your decision today is already making headlines. I hope those headlines provide some hope for everyone who is currently struggling to find a stable place to grow their future.

As I’m sure you know, these headlines will also wake up the opposition. I have no doubt that these real estate machines, many who don’t even call Orange County home, will try to derail this initiative to preserve their bottom line. Stay strong. We’re fighting for your constituents.

They deserve to have a say in how we solve this crisis. We should let them vote on it.

Please let me know how I can be of assistance. I’ve been where many of these struggling families have been. I don’t want anyone to have to experience that.

Thanks again for your service,

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