Moon Knight: The slow crawl towards getting to know our hero

The second episode of Moon Knight drops today, and if you like Oscar Issac, the show should continue to make you happy. If you’re here for the title super hero, you may be getting a little impatient.

We picked up where we left off last week with the internal struggle between Steven Grant and Marc Spector, with one constantly trying to keep the other under control, while trying to protect an ancient artifact from Harrow (Ethan Hawke).

The good or bad news, (depending on where you stand) really lies on how much you care about watching Moon Knight fight. In the first episode last week we barely saw any Moon Knight.

This week, we got only a little more, with a roof jumping brawl between Knight and one of Harrow’s evil spirit dogs. It was okay. Not great. This spirit dog is invisible to you and me, so we got Oscar Issac fighting a lot of nothing. The conclusion of the conflict was okay, but the show is still really light on the action.

One positive addition is Marc’s wife, Leyla (played by May Calamawy). Keep in mind this is not Steven’s wife. He doesn’t even know who she is. But Leyla is a welcomed addition to a program that has featured a lot of brooding from two primarily dramatic actors.

But we need to see more Moon Knight. This wasn’t a bad episode. Konshu was entertaining. But once again, this show has to build a story without the benefit of the Avengers mythology. That’s not easy.

See you next week!

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