Frank Vogel was eventually the Lakers fall guy as expected, but at least he got a ring first

The Los Angeles Lakers are expected to fire their coach, Frank Vogel, at any moment. As expected. The truth is that all of us expected this day would come, but Vogel exits the job as a champion. Good for him.

This blog is published in Orlando. Vogel is a former Orlando Magic coach. I’ve got product knowledge here. The truth is that NBA teams could do a lot worse than Frank Vogel. He’s a good coach.

But Los Angeles is a different reality. Nothing makes sense there, that would make sense in other markets. It’s both beautiful and problematic at the same time.

Then there was this roster. Yikes. This roster was old and unmotivated. Don’t let anyone else to you otherwise. LeBron doesn’t care. Neither does Melo. AB is also looking to the future after he’s already gotten paid and won a ring. Westbrook did not make sense on that team. You know all of this is true.

But Frank takes the fall. Go figure.

Well, the Lakers will always have Orlando. The City Beautiful that gave them both Vogel and Dwight Howard. We also gave the Los Angeles Lakers the bubble that won them their world championship during the pandemic. No one else could have delivered that experience without one positive COVID test. Instead LeBron goes on HBO and goofs on it.

But they got the ring? Didn’t they?

Listen. Frank does take some of the blame here. But there are a lot of NBA teams that would be lucky to have this guy coach their NBA franchise.

The Los Angeles Lakers are not always working with common sense. The truth is that Frank Vogel was not the problem here.

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