Young Rock: Young Roman Reigns and Jeffy underline the best episode of the series so far

Young Rock had its best episode of its season and a half run so far tonight. This week, we got to see the oldest Dewey finally make the decision to become a wrestler.

And Rocky wasn’t digging it. He wanted his son to keep chasing a football career.

But he would train his son anyways, teaching him how to bump in a boxing ring the hard way, and making him pay his dues at every turn.

This was the stuff we were tuning in to see. This transformation from Young Rock to “The Great One” which would go on to dominate the entertainment world to this day.

It was really good prime time television.

Let me explain the title.

We got to see a young Roman Reigns. For non wrestling fans who may be wondering what the big deal is all about, Reigns is at the top of the WWE pyramid right now. He’s become what Johnson was over 20 years ago and is the promotion’s champion at the moment.

Hearing him use his catch phrase of “Acknowledge me” while hanging on Dewey’s neck was a really cool touch.

And then there was young Jeffy. The character made up by Rocky while training his son. You see, young Jeffy was a lot like young Frank and a lot of other fans. He can’t afford good seats. And Dewey needs to work hard enough for Jeffy to enjoy the show all the way up in the cheap seats.

The show ended with Dewey getting a call from Pat Patterson that Vince McMahon wanted to get a look at him. And the journey continues.

This makes the oldest Young Rock story the most intriguing. But there is also a presidential race to keep track of.

See you next week!

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