Baker Mayfield was right to feel “disrespected” by Cleveland Browns

Well, Baker Mayfield had a lot to say on the “Ya Never Know” podcast recently. A lot to unload. Mostly that he felt disrespected by the Cleveland Browns when they went out and got Deshaun Watson last month to be the quarterback of the future for their franchise, despite his loyalty to the team and the city.

“I feel disrespected 100 percent because I was told one thing and they completely did another.”

We can’t doubt it. In fact, I’m quite sure that’s how it all went down.

You know the type of manager. They exist in every workplace in America. They beat back any kind of controversy to “keep the waters tranquil”. But if not done correctly, or if executed without regard to what others are thinking two or three moves down the road, it can go horribly wrong.

That’s what happened here.

Is Deshaun Watson better than Baker Mayfield after taking a year off due to allegations of sexual harassment? I don’t know. But in the NFL the rule is to win at any cost. And that cost came at their relationship with Baker Mayfield.

Now if Deshaun doesn’t get suspended and takes this Browns team to the playoffs next year. All is forgotten.

If he gets suspended. Or if Baker goes somewhere else, be it Seattle or Carolina, and outplays Deshaun then an already long suffering fanbase will continue lamenting the mistakes made by their front office.

And let’s not even consider if Baker has to stick around. Yikes.

But Baker was perfectly right to say what he felt. Teams get away with behavior like this all of the time, just not with their stars. And the Browns caught some static by betraying their playoff quarterback.

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