Moon Knight: This show is going downhill in a hurry

What are we doing here guys?

Seriously. The last two weeks of Moon Knight have been junk after a promising start. What began as Oscar Issac working the multiple personality angle perfectly, has dissolved into a blob of ancient gods, convoluted plots, and an uninteresting supporting cast.

Disney could be looking at its second Marvel misfire here (looking at you Eternals).

Let’s talk about the story. Who are we pulling for here? Steven? It’s not Marc. It’s not Konshu, the uncharasmatic god. Seriously. If we lost Marc during the next episode, I’m not sure I’d be that upset about it.

And then we’ve got Ethan Hawke. Listen. He’s my boy. He’s from my timeline. But he’s just wandering around with his lame villain powers, trying to make something happen. This entire story has just been lame. We’re in the desert digging for something like some cheap reboot of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Something positive? The beginning knife fight was pretty dope. But nothing special.

And Moon Knight’s first true full fight scene was nothing special either. In fact, he looked pretty weak walking around with a bunch of spears through his body like some fifth grade science project. If we’re being honest Leyla was the star of that sequence.

Also, don’t even get me started on that whole mess in the sky.

Moon Knight the comic was excellent because of the right combination of elements. He’s got some cool weapons that we’re not even sure exists here. But we’ve just wandered off on this sweeping desert epic that isn’t just very epic at the moment.

We need to do better.

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