AEW: Fans got nothing better to do than freak out over Satnam Singh

You know those videos that go viral featuring kids on Christmas morning throwing a fit because they didn’t get what they wanted?

That’s what a lot of wrestling fans resembled last night.

Like some spoiled 16 year old on a cable birthday special, they threw a tantrum because the lights went out at the close of last night’s AEW Dynamite and when they came on we got 7’3 Satnam Singh. A former basketball player attacking Samoa Joe to close out the program.

You would have thought Tony Khan personally insulted all of the fans in attendance last night in NOLA and on social media.

They were acting like this was the worst thing ever. Goodness. We all need to calm down.

But we wanted Bray Wyatt! We wanted Cesaro!!

Well, you got Satnam Singh. Take him and be happy.

You see, you guys already got Adam Cole. Bryan Danielson. Keith Lee. Jeff Hardy. Ruby Soho.

You guys got effing CM Punk. But you’re not happy? How does this work?

Calm down.

We don’t know what the plans for Satnam Singh are. You guys might have scared him away before even seeing what he’s capable of.

But I”ll remind you of this. AEW has always been about building new stars as much as it has been about bringing in new ones. People forget that. They’re trying to build a new star here.

Y’all ain’t trying to hear that though. They turned the lights off for a reveal, and when you saw they did something different, you started crying.

Grow up. This is a terrific product. And at least give this dude a chance.

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