“*Bleep Boston” Celtics fans villanized twice on national TV in one day

Well, fans of the Boston Celtics. The world definitely sees you, and they most certainly have strong opinions about you. This was evident by two high profile TV presentations on Sunday, with one playoff game showcasing the aggression in the arena right now, and another semi biographical story showcasing the aggression in the arena 40 years ago.

You probably already know about Kyrie Irving returning to Boston with the Brooklyn Nets, where he flicked off the crowd at least three times, and told one fan to *bleep* his *bleep. But the Celtics would laugh last with a remarkable drive to the basket by Jayson Tatum that would give them the game one victory in their playoff series.

The other example wasn’t as obvious.

But Boston was in the spotlight during HBO’s “Winning Time” with Jerry Buss and Magic Johnson finally taking the “Showtime” Lakers to the legendary Boston Garden to take on Larry Bird’s Celtics.

“*Bleep* Boston” was the catch phrase on the episode with Buss’ feud with Red Auerbach getting downright mean, and Johnson and Bird taking each other to the absolute limit.

“Paul Revere should have slept in” said Jerry West during a ride through the town.

“Larry Bird is going to *bleep* you up” said one fan exposing her breasts to Johnson with his rival’s name before the contest.

Yes. It was some nasty television. But the Lakers would take that game.

A busy day for Boston Celtics fans for sure. But it could happen again. The Celtics have at least three more games against Kyrie. And “Winning Time” doesn’t even exist without that legendary rivalry.

It makes for entertain TV, and if I know Boston fans, many of them are probably enjoying it.

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