USFL Power Rankings: The south is looking strong early on

After Mother Nature gave us the green light to complete it, our first week of the United States Football League is finally in the books.

Like any good professional football league, we need some power rankings.

Let’s not waste anytime. The south division won all of their games. They’re leading the way on our first ever countdown.

Let’s get started.

1. New Orleans Breakers: About 171 yards on the ground and staying in control almost the entire game, the Breakers looked strong.

2. Birmingham Stallions: The box score won’t tell you this, but the Stallions came back and beat an aggressive Generals teams with some firepower behind them. They did give up over 200 yards on the ground, which is why they’re not #1.

3. Tampa Bay Bandits: Some will argue the Bandits should be higher, but that was a bad Maulers team. Still, Tampa Bay could have two good football teams to root for.

4. Houston Gamblers: Playing in the soup, they almost let the Panthers come back on them, but Houston looked great at times.

5. New Jersey Generals: You’re not going to keep that two QB combo locked up for long. And they ran for over 200 yards and looked explosive at times.

6. The Philadelphia Stars: They need to stop turning the ball over. They also can’t leave 6 points on the board because of missed field goals in what should be a competitively matched league.

7. Michigan Panthers: Ah, Jeff Fisher. This could be the trendy team to root for. But 363 yards of total offense is nothing to sneeze at from a first week spring time pro team.

8. Pittsburgh Maulers: Pizza distractions and just a really poor effort from this Kirby Wilson team. They never felt like a threat. Pittsburgh fans won’t stay quiet if this continues.

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