Young Rock: Youngest Rock turns heel for a crush

Young Rock was back again tonight, and the second season continues to be better than the first with a return to our “Youngest Rock” (elementary/middle school aged) angle with Dewey dealing with first crush, along with Grandma Maivia continuing to battle her court case.

We begin our episode with Dewey participating in “shenanigans” at school. While Rocky didn’t think it was a big deal, his mom certainly did, and Andre The Giant once again stepped up to figure out what was going on. During their fishing trip, Dewey told Andre everything about this girl he liked, and the Giant gave him a personal story and some advice.

It didn’t work out and Dewey got turned down in school. But he was a better person for it.

Our other story was pretty funny with Grandma Maivia continuing her trial. The problem was that she was tampering with the jury and had to fight her reputation for being tough on the wrestlers.

The show continues to purposely leave a lot of angles uncompleted. We’re working along three tracks of progression here. This isn’t a complaint but I could see how viewers could get confused. Especially as the oldest Dewey continues to have the most intriguing storyline in the group, as he moves towards his inevitable success in the WWF.

I’m still enjoying the show, and I know you are too. This season is flying by. And we’ve still got to figure out if he wins this election.

By the way, the phones are pretty cool in the future. What do I need to do to get one of those?

See you next week!

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