Jerry West should be enjoying “Winning Time”, not calling for a retraction

If you’re familiar with the HBO show “Winning Time”, which highlights the “Showtime” Los Angles Lakers of the 1980s and their epic feud against Boston, then you know who Jerry West is. Heck, if you’re a casual NBA fan, you should know who Jerry West is.

“The Logo” (he’s the actual player illustrated on the logo of the NBA) is a firebomb of a character, who loves basketball and winning so much, that it dominates his personality and life. Jason Clarke might be the best actor on the show, while giving us a real look at this personality back when winning didn’t just mean more money, but actually meant the survival of your NBA franchise.

Our social media compilation of Jerry West reactions after the first episode is one of our most popular articles (story HERE). People are enjoying this character.

Not Jerry West. Who has demanded a retraction and apology from HBO.

Why? He probably got offended. And he actually might not have gotten offended personally. He probably saw the fallout from the show and then got offended.

If you haven’t seen the progam, the portrayal really isn’t that bad. He’s a flawed hero, but a hero still. He’s viewed as a leader who cares about the game, and sees winning as a lifeline in his existence. And he curses a lot. But it’s endearing.

As TV viewers, we should all be rooting for a peaceful resolution here. If I worked for HBO, I’d reach out to West. This role really isn’t that bad. Personally, the Magic Johnson stuff is more controversial.

But I don’t work for HBO. And I’ll be watching to see what happens next with all of you.

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