Social media sides with Mike Tyson after he was harassed on an airplane and fought back

Former world championship boxer, “Iron” Mike Tyson, has the support from the majority of social media, after video surface of him being harassed on an airplane and then attacking the man responsible.

In the footage, the harasser can be seen leaning over his seat and talking just inches above Tyson’s shoulder. Between episodes of the harassment, the man smiles and jokes with another passenger who is recording the footage.

Tyson then reacts and can be seen hitting his harasser several times in the head. After the incident the harasser is seen posing for pictures.

There are many members on social media that believe Tyson was “in the right” for confronting his harasser ahead of what is likely civil litigation against the former champ and a payday for his harasser.

Let’s go to the reactions.

What do you think? Was Mike Tyson right for fighting back? Do celebrities deserve their personal space when traveling? What would you have done? Let me know in the comments below.

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