WeCrashed: “A proper cup of coffee in a proper coffee pot”

Let’s not waste anytime.

Did WeWork really WeCrashed? I mean the valuation of the IPO was decimated but they still survived. Anyways. WeCrashed has concluded and it was..

Not bad. I enjoyed it.

The truth is that it could have been a movie. But at no point was I really bored. Both Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway did an awesome job, and that’s who we were here to see. We were here to see these two Academy Award winners play off each other in what was an amusement park for these actors to thrive. And for the most part it delivered.

In the end, Adam Neumann stepped down as the CEO of WeWork after the castle of his nonsense finally came tumbling down. Both Adam and Rebekah have the gift of getting people to give them their money. There is probably an alternate universe where they’re fundraisers, and doing a world of good for whatever cause they’re working for.

Some parts of the finale were entertaining as heck. Watching Adam scream at the crisis PR team he was paying a fortune to, to say “no comment” was fun. Rebekah closing down her school and completely missing the point of the financial sacrifice the parents made was another memorable scene.

In the home stretch, I was concerned that Adam and Rebekah were going to get off too easily. They even seemed heroic at a couple of points. But they didn’t cash out as much as they thought they were going to and their eyes burned in the Dead Sea, behind a gorgeous score of “Roar” by Katy Perry.

We won’t be talking about WeCrashed in 20 years the same way we’ll talk about Dallas Buyers Club or Les Miserable but our pair of stars still earned their paycheck and gave us a fun time.

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