Podcast: Greedy Orlando real estate and property management industry to blame for rent crisis

Hello everyone,

Please take a listen on my latest podcast on why the greedy real estate and property managment companies doing business in Orlando are to blame for our rental crisis.

Some important takeaways.

“The real estate associations and property management companies are going to say whatever they have to say to keep making money.”

“To them we’re just names on a ledger. “Is the money good?”. That’s the only question they care.”

“Don’t get me started on the kind of job property management companies do here in Orlando. Look at the rusted air conditioning units. Look at the busted gutters and leaky roofs.”

“We believe the myth of more inventory fixing the problem is because that’s what we were taught. But that’s not going to help families that need assistance today. The only guarantee from more inventory is more earning potential for these greedy companies. They only care about making more money.”

“The affordable housing task force in Orange County was a failure. Why? Because we had real estate and developers trying to fix a problem that was making them rich.”

“Rent is so high in Orlando, we don’t even have enough people to make sure our kids can cross the street safely.”

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