Barry: Fans might never feel the same way about him again

Well. No one can ever accuse Barry show runners of not evolving.

The second episode of the show’s third season, Limonada, had it’s most memorable ending yet, with Barry finally getting a part for Mr. Cousineau and a big break for himself in the process.

But this was after keeping his acting teacher in the trunk for most of the episode, and becoming a suspected domestic abuser with his violence against Sally in the office (and yeah, most people would have called the cops).

The show ended with Barry making Mr. Cousineau tell him he loves him over and over after threatening to kill his family. Credits rolled to the really creepy soundtrack of an old video game that was being played nearby.

Before we continue. This was good *bleeping* TV. The acting here was spectacular. Bill Hader was menacing. Henry Winkler had us hooked. It might have been the best stuff they’ve done on the show. And they’ve already won Emmys. They even upped the difficulty with constant close ups of their faces. Incredible.

But how exactly are we supposed to root for Barry again? He’s the bad guy here. There are no doubts about that. He’s allowed his warped philosophy to begin hurting the people, that at one point, cared for him.

A bunch of gangsters in a warehouse is one thing. Hurting his friends is another.

He even made audiences sympathetic towards Sally, who has been really unlikeable so far this season.

It’s still top tier TV. And Bill Hader himself is taking us down this road.

But it’s easy to scare away fans.

Anyways, we’ll all be here next week.

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