Popeyes Buffalo Ranch Sandwich launch doesn’t hit hype levels of it’s predecessor

You remember the lines? The pre pandemic chicken sandwich sprint that had cars in a drive thru row spilling out into the interstate? I do. It was a wild, but fun time for market observers of cheap eats (or as cheap as you can consider Popeyes these days). But it was real and it was giving the fast food chicken titan unprecedented exposure.

Fast forward to this week when Popeyes dropped its Buffalo Ranch Sandwich. It’s got a brioche bun, pickles, and a new zesty sauce. It’s also got a $4.99 price point which is high for a stand-alone sandwich but in-line with the rest of its menu.

According to recent social media sentiment and past performance, it will likely be a hit.

The buzz on Twitter and Facebook is that many users plan on at least trying the sandwich. And Popeye’s other limited time options such as it’s ghost pepper entrees and shrimp tackle box are always a reliable lure to bring in customers.

This was a mystery launch. Some were hoping for a Chicken and Waffles product or Po’Boy return. Others were actually looking for a vegan option, which is a trendy and considerate idea but comes with a measure of uncertainty as other meatless products at fast food restaurants continue to make little noise after they launch.

But can they get the hype back? Especially, as they continue to come down from their chicken sandwich high on their bottom line. (story HERE).

We’ll see. The customers are there. They just have to recapture our attention.

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