CW: Mass cancellations on network finally make sense after being non profitable for years

One of the most peculiar stories in television over the past year, has been some of the fog lifting behind the mystery that is the CW. It was recently announced that the green brand hasn’t been profitable in years and made its money mostly off of streaming deals and international arrangements.

And that makes sense because it sure as heck hasn’t been because of the ratings.

CW shows always scrape the bottom of the ratings barrel. Shows that last for several seasons on the green team would be dust on any other network.

But this week, the network showed no mercy, cancelling six of its shows. The commotion was so loud on social media that it began trending after the announcements were made.

Dynasty: Was no mystery. Even though, I swear, I know a bunch of people who watch the show on streaming.

Legacies: I didn’t watch it but know people who did. Still and underperformer by regular standards.

Charmed: Lasted four seasons, but I didn’t care for the way the new generation cast was critical of the original crew which was the reason they were there to begin with.

Naomi: Had alot of heart. Hopefully we see Kaci Walfall again.

Roswell: New Mexico and The 4400: Were reboots nobody asked for.

And this crew joins Batwoman and The Legends of Tomorrow on the scrap pile.

Meanwhile, Superman and Lois, Riverdale, and Walker, among others, got renewed. That makes sense. We hear about these shows from our neighbors. And they have this connection to the WB era which manages to make TV fun and compelling.

The CW finally makes sense. Let’s hope it gives us better programming.

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