NBC: American Auto, Grand Crew get deserved renewals, others not so lucky

As networks continue to bring the cancel cleaver down on their low performing programs, NBC has announced their decisions and the peacock ultimately delivered justice.

Among renewals were American Auto and Grand Crew. Two FTR followed shows. While they weren’t always perfect, they were entertaining. The “commercial reshoot” episode of the former was some of the best TV comedy this year, and the latter had a couple of comedic juggling acts each week which also worked. The numbers weren’t huge but it bears repeating…These shows were interuppted by the Winter Olympics for weeks, less than two months into their run. Let’s see what they can do without the interruptions.

We’re also getting season 3 of Young Rock which was very much deserved. The second season was better than the first.

Kenan and Mr. Mayor were cancelled but they weren’t very good. We shouldn’t feel bad though. Both Ted Dansen and Kenan Thompson are legends. Dansen has already had three (or four if you count Curb Your Enthusiasm) memorable sitcom runs with “Cheers”, “Becker”, and “The Good Place” (two of those were also on NBC) Thompson is the longest tenured SNL cast member and is showing no signs of slowing down.

One cancellation that was deserved was “The Endgame”. Despite starring the terrfic duo of Morena Baccarin and Ryan Michelle Bathe, the show borrowed a little too much from “The Blacklist” and the pilot even stole from “Die Hard with a Vengance”. Let’s hope Baccrin and Bathe rebound quickly.

In the end, everything turned out the way it should have for NBC.

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