Experiencing the Orlando nursing shortage when someone you care for needs help is painful and scary

You’ve read about the greater Orlando nursing shortage here before (story HERE). I believe with all of my heart that good nurses and teachers can reshape the future of Central Florida more than any other occupations.

And after watching someone I care about suffer multiple times in an Advent Health ER several times over the past few months, I know that the good nurses could do in this community could change the direction of entire families. Nurses are fueled by a kindness to help others. And that kindness can change lives. It really can.

But there are nowhere near enough of them working in our hospitals.

Today, I stayed with a loved one as they sat in an ER for hours without attention. The doctors and nurses around us were working their absolute hardest. I believe that if they could split themselves in two they would have.

There simply wasn’t enough of them.

Eventually somebody came. I’m still not sure exactly what’s going on. You see, it’s not just the ERs, its primary care providers. Its urgent cares. It’s the VA. It the entire Orlando hospital environment.

I’m not sure what to type next. Especially after the year I’ve had.

So I’m just going to say thank you. To the ones who are there doing the best they can.

And I’m going to hope that none of my friends have to experience what care under a strained medical system looks like.

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