Orlando hospital patient ping-pong is a dangerous reality for our rapidly growing community

For the past seven days, I’ve been at the bedside of someone who I care about deeply as they struggle with a terrible illness.

It wasn’t an overnight occurrence. In fact, as Orlando continues to grow faster than any other community in the United States, we continue to suffer shortfalls in almost every aspect of urban development. Including medical staffing (story HERE), where there aren’t enough doctors, nurses, staff, or anything else needed to keep our neighbors healthy.

We get sick.
We call our primary care doctors. They’re booked for the foreseeable future.
Our symptoms get worse.
We get sent to the ER.
They’re also short staffed. They’re going to stabilize your symptoms. Nothing more. Then back to the primary care doctor.
But his line hasn’t moved.
And goodness help you if you need a specialist.

For all of the bragging done by our mega hospitals on the radio and television, they sure have a tough time tracking them down.

One particularly tough time was when I heard “we don’t do that here”.

What do you mean you don’t do that here?

The patient doesn’t get healthy and everyone suffers. The staff also suffers. They don’t like watching people in pain either. They made this career choice for the exact opposite reasons.

That’s why this is a systematic failure. Sadly.

So tomorrow I’ll go to the hospital again. With my person no closer to getting healthy.

I’ll think about how we got here. So obsessed about sporting events and driverless vehicles to come here that we forgot about inviting the professionals that could end up saving our lives to live here too.

And there won’t be anything myself or any other person in that hospital can do except wait.

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