Starbucks Grilled Cheese is still one of the worst deals out there

Bread. Cheese. Butter. That’s what consists of a grilled cheese. That’s it. And depending on the kind of care you give it during preparation, it can make a pretty excellent grilled cheese.

But at Starbucks that grilled cheese will cost you almost $8. $7.95 to be exact which remains one of the worst deals anywhere.

Now, we all know that everything at Starbucks is overpriced. We’re talking about a business that has actually earned an allotment in many of our personal budgets. There is an excellent chance you know someone who blows $35-$50 a week at this place.

They have been so successful in getting what they want for such an unreasonable price that they’ve convinced their regular customers that it’s normal.

It’s not.

Even if you look at the prices of a gourmet grilled cheese stop, it’s a similar price and their sandwich may come with extra ingredients such as a protein or a cup of soup. Panera charges $6.39 for a grilled cheese and that’s too much.

Still a buck and half less than Starbucks.

Obviously, I’m not recommending this grilled cheese to anyone. If you must eat at Starbucks, the breakfast sandwiches offer a little more for a little less, but even they are overpriced compared to the competition out there.

Really, the best deal on a grilled cheese likely remains in your kitchen.

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