SNL: Just wrapped on it’s best season in years, here’s how they did it

When Saturday Night Live wrapped on it’s latest season this past weekend, I experienced something I hadn’t following an SNL season finale in some time.

Satisfaction at what I just observed.

This was a pretty good season. Great hosts like Kieran Culkin, Selena Gomez, Zoe Kravitz, and Benedict Cumberbatch.

The musical guests were impressive. Big names like Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Post Malone and Ed Sheeran. Just wow.

We got some great comedy. The show abandoned what I called the “Presidential Crutch” spending less time on jokes that felt shoe horned into sketches, and took chances on more inventive humor. Please Don’t Destroy was an excellent addition. Those guys didn’t miss, and including the guests on their segments was just awesome.

And now something I thought I’d never say again.

Colin Jost and Michael Che didn’t totally stink up Weekend Update. I know. Crazy right? But the guys kept things moving quickly. Sarah Sherman was a blast during her appearances.

SNL had to deal with the pandemic like the rest of the world did, but the last two seasons were really bad. I’m happy to say that they’re back on the upswing, and I might even miss them during the summer.

Good job, everyone.

And you guys had kind things to say in the polls done below. Mostly that Kate McKinnon is an all time great as she said good bye. You also believe Pete Davidson could be an eventual Oscar winner. And that you think Jost and Che are just fine.

Have a look below..

What did you think of the latest season of SNL? Tell me in the comments below…

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